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Tips On Planning Your Wedding Reception

Planning for a wedding reception is a tedious process as it involves too many procedures in it. Only through making perfect planning on a wedding we can be successful. But relax here are some tips provided which will help you in planning your wedding reception in a stress less manner.

1. Plan Your Budget

Before you’re planning starts plan for the budget. Because depending on the budget everything lies. And it will help you to avoid those issues related to money. So set your budget clearly.

Tips On Planning Your Wedding Reception 3

2. Choose The Date And Venue

Plan a date considering the other events occurring at that date. Because of the other events, you may face the problems related to traffic. Also, choose a better venue which will be easy reach by your near and dears.

3. Plan Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements are most important to avoid the clumsy environment. Try to assure the number guests will be present for the wedding and make the arrangements according to that.

4. Dinner

Make a menu list in dealing with the dinner arrangements. According to the vegetarians and non-vegetarians have separate plans. Be sure to make the planning without exceeding the budget. And also decide whether it’s a buffet style dinner or table serving.

Tips On Planning Your Wedding Reception 4

5. Photography

The really most important factor of a wedding is taking photos. Hire the best photographer to capture all the beautiful moments happening on your wedding. Instruct them about your exception in covering the crowd, dinner time and cake cutting occasions.

Tips On Planning Your Wedding Reception 1

6. Cake Cutting

Order the desired cake and arrange an in-charge to see after it. Order the cake as it should be delivered prior to the start of the wedding. Whether you are distributing the cake to the crowd or taking it to the home plan accordingly.

Tips On Planning Your Wedding Reception 2


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