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Tips To Design Your iPhone Case At Home

Owning an iPhone is still a big dream for many people. iPhone attracts all kind of persons, and they love to buy it. Everybody loves to have versatile and unique case covers. To make your iPhone look classy, you need to spend a lot of money in online to buy customized case covers. It is easy to design and customize your case cover at home by yourself with simple ideas.

Theme Pictured Case Cover

Buy a simple, transparent case cover made of silicon or glass. Draw a picture with some theme you wish to have on your case cover like flying butterfly or ladybirds crawling or some cartoon characters. You just need different color sketches or drawing pens to design your cover. It is a simple and easy way to decorate your iPhone which looks cute.

How To Design Your iPhone Case At Home 1

Tattoo Case Cover

Designing a tattoo case cover is simple and easy. The only thing you need to do is buy different tattoo stickers you like the most. Put the tattoo on a solid back case seal it with a Micromist spray. You can quickly change the back case design very often whenever you wish.

How To Design Your iPhone Case At Home 2

Rainbow Case Cover

Everyone loves to see a rainbow in the sky, and when the same rainbow appears in your case cover you like it very much. To design a rainbow case cover have a thick white paper with the exact size of your transparent case cover. Create an inlay and frame the rainbow with watercolor. Place the rainbow paper above your phone and cover it with transparent case cover, and now your phone looks damn cute.

How To Design Your iPhone Case At Home 3

Fabric Flower Case Cover

Make your phone look more attractive and beautiful by sticking fabric flowers above your case cover. You just need tiny fabric flowers and stick it with glue on your case cover. Now your phone looks pretty and fuzzy.

How To Design Your iPhone Case At Home 4


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