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Tips On How To Customize Your Old Clothes

It is the changing world with various fashion outlooks in it. Most of the times you will be worried to dispose of your clothes which have been used for a long time, it may include favorite dress or out of fashion and many other criteria. Whatever it is, make your old clothes to wear a new effect on it through varied customizing methods mentioned below.

1. Long Old Skirts

Make your old long skirt to meet its trendy effect in it. Convert your boring long skirt to mini skirt; you just need to apply a simple technique of shortening it. If you wish you can add some embroidery designs in it but it depends upon the material of the cloth.

2. Add Ribbons

Transform your boring v-neck t-shirt into a stunning t-shirt by adding some ribbons to it. For this, you may need some tools to make holes in the neck region and you may also extend to the wrist line of the t-shirt. Join a contrasting color ribbon to those holes by up and down movements.

Tips On How To Customize Your Old Clothes 23

3. Patch It

Any boring old cloth can be transformed into a newly designed cloth by adding patch works to it. You may select any kind of patches which really suits your dress type. In the case of old jean, shorten it to half size and add patches to the either side of the leg regions.

4. Add Straps

Adding straps to the strapless tops will be the wiser idea to renovate it. Choose the width of the straps according to the type and quality of the cloth. Stitch them carefully to ensure its safety.

5. Combine Two

It will be the best idea in customizing the old clothes. Combine two unused clothes. Make it possible by cutting the hands of a top and attaching it to another top, likewise collar and patches can be transferred.

Tips On How To Customize Your Old Clothes 1.jpg



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