Guides To Play Craps

Craps are one of the betting game, many people will avoid playing craps as they think it will a difficult task. But the fact is that crap game will need certain techniques to be learned rather than that it will be an interesting game. Let us see some guiding points to know how to play craps.

1. Crap Table

The main objective of the crap game is to do betting on the rolled dies. It consists of a table which resembles the casino table. It consists of wagers and dies.

2. Types Of Bets

This game is all about betting so there exist different kinds of bets in it like,

  • Don’t pass
  • Pass line
  • Place win
  • Come
  • Place loss
  • Buy
  • Don’t come
  • Lay
  • Any craps
  • Boxcar

3. Game Process

Guide To Learning How To Play Craps 1

One of the players called shooter will roll the dies on the table. At the end of around, there can be a new player added. It also gives a chance for a player to remain in the game for several times in a round.

Choose an appropriate spot on the betting table and place your chips to make wagers it can also include the shooter. Besides, you will be monitored by the stickman, base dealers and boxman.

Boxman will have the control on the smooth playing of the crap game, he/she will monitor the chips and exchange cash in chips. He will also swap them in order to ensure its security.

The process of rolling dies will be handled to the stickman who operates the dies through using his stick. At the end of a round he will pass the dies to the shooter’s side and at the end, it will declare the result of the rolled dies.

The base dealers are responsible for collecting the betting amounts and settling back the money to the appropriate players. They will be monitoring your movement by standing on the either side of the table. There are also online craps games available trying playing them by knowing the above-mentioned guidelines in its process.


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